Books I Enjoyed that Were Out of My Comfort Zone

February 23, 2016 Top Ten Tuesday 2

Top Ten Tuesday

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I realised at the end of last year that I am really stuck in my reading genres. I don’t go out of my comfort zone very often, and when I have I have found that I don’t always enjoy what I am reading. Maybe I’m not choosing the right books? Or maybe I go into it not feeling great about the book so cause myself to not enjoy it?

This year I decided I would be better and have actually been reading quite a bit of non-fiction which is something I usually hate but have been enjoying (more on that in another post). But when I tried to look back on books I’ve read in the past that were out of my comfort zone I really struggled to get ten! So here are six…

The Sister Pact Review
I don’t really read much on suicide, I find it a pretty hard topic to connect with and I don’t know why but I just do. But I decided to give this book a go and was surprised that I actually quite enjoyed it.

Naked Review
This book featured prostitution which is not a topic that I would usually choose to read about. It had some eh moments, but as a whole I did enjoy it.

Inside Game of Thrones Review
I read non-fiction! Not only was this book beautiful but featured some really interesting facts about the TV show Game of Thrones and I really enjoyed reading about it.

Where Rainbows End/Love, Rosie
I read this one over a year ago now, but still love how much this one surpised me. It wasn’t the genre that was different with this one, but it was totally written as correspondence. Which gave me a couple of frustrated moments, but as a whole I loved!

Say Her Name Review
I don’t do horror, like ever. I am such a wimp I get freaked out so easily. But last Halloween I decided to bite the bullet and read something scary. And I was surprised that I did quite like it (even thought I refused to leave my bed for fear of being killed by Bloody Mary for like 2 weeks!)

A Little Something Different Review
Like with Love, Rosie this book wasn’t a new genre to me, but a new way of writing. The story was told from 13 different perspectives (none of them being the MC) and although there were some frustrating moments when I just wanted to know what the MC’s were thinking, I did enjoy this different way of storytelling.

Did you struggle with this week as much as me? What type of genres are out of your comfort zone?

What do you think of the songs I’ve mentioned above?

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2 Responses to “Books I Enjoyed that Were Out of My Comfort Zone”

    • Brocs Bookcase

      I did like it, but still so freaked out by it I haven’t read any horror since!!! Hahahaha 🙂